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Meet Your Team

Fitness Training 24/7 boot camps and luxury retreats are specially designed by our team of hard working, experienced and fully qualified team. Where our staff for certain activites, we have teamed up with local businesses and instructors to bring you the very best quality fitness vacation you can get.


Our team covers a wide range of fitness disciplines. It is their expertise and personalities that make them the perfect team for your stay here with us. We have teamed together to bring you a truly unforgetable and rewarding health and fitness vacation.

Luke Thomas

Boot Camp Director & Coach


Luke is an avid Sports enthusiast. He can be described as very competitive, even when it comes to playing fun games on the beach with his family! Following a serious knee injury he has since forged a career as a successful Personal Trainer.  He gained his eReps Level 4 Personal Training award some five years ago and has achieved numerous certifictates in sports related elements since.  Prior to this he was teaching & coaching football. Luke is a very hands on personable guy, passionate about health & fitness and guiding others to achieving their personal goals. Luke will be coordinating the boot camps and making sure everything runs smoothly as well as taking a hands-on approach with the training sessions and activities with the rest of the team.



Ben Van Zutphen

Operations Director


At almost 50 years I still feel like a young guy!!! After a period of hard working (did not even know what date it was and year) I realised that I have to do something about my health, belly and life style. I met Luke about 4 years ago and started training 3 times a week. The results were amazing. Last year we went skiing with friends (average age 40 years) I was still skiing at 3.30pm every day while my friends were tired and complaining of aches and pains.


After living in Javea for 4 years I decided to join the FT24/7 team with Luke to organise bootcamps to this beautiful place where the sun is always shining! I am also looking forward to inviting you into my recently built ocean front villa on the Caribbean Island of beautiful Bonaire.  


I hope that you will join us for one week to enjoy the sports, sunshine and this beautiful place at the sea. We will do everything to make you feel better!!

Fiona Morrison


Fiona is a welcome additon to the FT24/7 team. Thanks to her passion for sports from a very young age it has lead her into a career that she loves which in turn has taken her around the world to gain greater knowledge and this comes across when working with her clients. Fiona creates and provides fun, but challenging, fitness sessions tailored to meet your individual needs. She has been involved in a variety of sports over the years with gymnastics being her main sport competing at regional, national and international levels.


With over ten years of experience in the health and fitness industry Fiona has a wide knowledge and understanding of the body and how to get results. Fiona keeps updated on the latest research to keep my knowledge at its best to educate my clients through correct techniques and latest information on exercise and nutrition. She has recently worked with Slimming World magazine (May/June 2015 addition) to design a stair workout. With the hard work and dedication clients often go beyond original goals set with many clients surprising themselves as to what they have achieved.

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