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Get Your Fit On with these mini-workout challenges. Mixing up your routine is the best way to boost metabolism, get a total body workout, keep things fun and avoid getting bored. Try adding one of these everyday to fire up your workout! Keep coming back to check out new original workouts each week from one of our iTrainers.

Need some healthy cooking inspiration? Here are some of our favorite healthy recipe ideas that will save you time and keep you on track to reach your fitness goals. Each week we will be posting new, tasty, healthy and easy recipe ideas for you to try out at home. Do you have a favourite that you'd like to share? Email us and you may see your recipe featured here! 

Get Your Fit On with these upbeat and motivational playlists. Whatever your taste in music we will have a playlist to suit you and help you get the max out of your workout! With the right tunes playing you WILL lift more and run harder! Keep coming back to check out new playlists from FitnessTraining247 each week. If you have a playlist you want to share please send it on over to us and we will feature it on here..... As long as it's not Justin Bieber that is! Strictly no Bieber allowed!!

FitnessTraining247 is dedicated to helping you stay fit and healthy. Below you can find a wealth of resources and detailed information on specific health issues. They are designed to help you understand the benefits of training as well as precautions and concerns that need to be acknowledged before starting any new training routine. Our iTrainers are qualified and experienced in helping people with a vast array of health issues and providing training programs and nutritional support to get you on track to meet your health and fitness goals! 

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