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Luke Thomas


The All-Rounder 


Luke is an avid Sports enthusiast. He’s often referred to by his friends as ‘one of those annoying people whose good at anything’. He can be described as very competitive, even when it comes to playing fun games on the beach with his Mum! He’s been a Personal Trainer for over 4 years having spent the previous 5 years teaching and coaching football. Luke is a very hands on personable guy, passionate about health & fitness. Completely computer illiterate, but a fast learner as he’s needed to be in launching FT24/7. 

Anthony Flux


Former Mr. South Australia & Fitness Guru


Tony, or more commonly known as the ‘Ozzy Arnie’ or ‘The Godfather’, is a guy of many experiences. In a career spanning over 30 years his CV boasts an Australian Air Force Engineer and a Director for Disney. The past 4 years have been spent Personal Training in prestigious gyms and studios in London. The highlight of Tony’s vast career though has to be becoming Mr South Australia all the way back in 1994! Luke & Tony first met whilst doing their Personal Training course together over 4 years ago.


Michelle Emery


Social Tech Boss


Michelle is our Tech Guru. Her American enthusiasm comes to the forefront most when interacting with clients and potential clients through the power of social media and ‘electronic mail’! Michelle is the reason behind our excellent customer service and snazzy website. She also lists her favourite drink as Tequilla! Which here at FT24/7 we frown upon...Obviously!

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